Search Routines – Exhibition Leipzig

Search Routines Exhibition at D21 Kunstraum Leipzig


Search Routines: Narrations of Databases – Kunstraum D21, Leipzig

curated by Lena Brüggemann & Hannah Sieben
Oct 4 – Nov 2, 2014

The exhibition sets its focus behind the user interfaces and aims to establish a consciousness for the societal, political and cultural dimensions of databases. Instead of trying to visualize data, the exhibited works examine the underlying history of ideas, showing not so much the content, but the logics and form of data administration and the culture behind.
Participating Artists: Kernel, Pil and Galia Kollectiv, Sebastian Schmieg, Jonas Lund und Johannes P Osterhoff, Francis Hunger

Francis Hunger: Deep Love Algorithm (2013), produced by The Bergen Assembly, Installation (video, wood, digital prints)
Idea and Realisation: Francis Hunger, Photography: Sebastian Hühmer, Sound: Cornelia Friederike Müller, Translation: Tom Morrison, Actress: Franziska Leiste, Actor: Torsten Hampel.

Deep Love Algorithm – Exhibition view Deep Love Algorithm – Exhibition view


→ author: Francis Hunger, published on: 2014-Oct-02