“Face” implies thousands of other bits of #information a priori. #Language provides a dense network of meanings. … Vagueness is not only a deficit; it is a resource of #meaning. Peters 2008 #AI #MachineLearning

Text vs. Image

A text can inspire a huge abundance of interpretations without losing its power or meaning. To make a face, a photographer or portraitist must use a lot of pixels or paint. An author need only mention a person, and the … Mehr…

Dominion over Space

James Carey rightly pointed out that thinking about #communication had been dominated (in any sense) by concerns for #transmission, which he thought reflected a slightly ill romance in American culture with dominion over #space. Peters 2008

Read what was neaver written

Thanks to the graphic revolution of the 19th century, in which photography, phonography, … burst apart writing’s longheld monopoly on cultural storage, we have an exploded notion of records. We can now “read what was never written” in the words of … Mehr…


New forensic methods have called a new historical record into being… The old is as emergent as the new. Geoffrey Winthrop-Young smartly notes the name for the sudden reemergence of something long lost or buried: trauma. Peters 2008

Container Technologies

the archaeological record of prehistoric humans is #biased towards axes, daggers, arrowheads and other things that endure. These things tend to be what Lewis Mumford calls “power technologies” and not “container technologies” such as language, families, ideas… Peters 2008

Space Time and Power 2

(2)… transmission is the act of sending a #record across some kind of distance, whether space or time; and interpretation is the act of receiving transmitted records and putting them to work in the present. Peters 2008

Space Time and Power

(1) Schematically speaking, #media have three main tasks: the management of time, space, and power. Recording is the act of setting something down in enduring form; …

Historians and long spans

#Historians who study long temporal spans, Innis notes, usually overemphasize religion and neglect bureaucracy because the documents that endure over time are designed by time-conserving agents like sages and priests, not space-controlling agents like lawyers and merchants. Peters 2008

History exploration

Our knowledge of other civilizations depends in large part on the character of the #media used by each civilization insofar as it is capable of being preserved or of being made accessible by discovery. Innis 1949