Phenomenological Connections

#Cybernetics levels »the human« as a frame of reference in the thinking of »phenomenological connections« but thinks these connections quite simply »… in terms of informatic switching and control circuits …«[Pias]. Pinkrah 2018 #tm18

Cybernetic Black Boxes

The example of the cybernetic black box thus implies, what #cybernetics as a science implements: an »approach to cognition that no longer requires intrusion into the objects’ interior« [Galloway 2011] Pinkrah 2018 #tm18 #researchvalues

Black Box

the black box originally receives its name from a Second World War situation in which secret war #technology had to be transported …, in secure black boxes, in which again secured black boxes were in place inside which the technology … Mehr…


[The light that pervades transparent objects is the rational ligth of Enlightenment.] … Is the longing for exposure and understanding of objects and subjects technological in itself? Pinkrah 2018 #tm18 #researchvalues


Digitality I consider to be the »media-technical condition« for the omnipresence of the concept of transparency. Pinkrah 2018 #tm18 #researchvalues

The distance between body and interface

The shrinking of the distance between body and interface seems to be matched … by the shrinking between an embodied ‘singularity’ (the face) and a surveillance-oriented disembodied algorithmic agency. Azar 2018 #tm18 #researchvalues

Algorithmic Facial Image

The face as Algorithmic Facial Image (AFI) is both immediate and algorithmically constructed, and becomes one of the most valuable data of the posttruth era. The AFI value derives from its circulation, … Azar 2018 #tm18 #researchvalues #AI


The more immediate an image / information looks, the more its networking value grows, and the more a number of extractive practices are implemented behind its surface… Azar 2018 #tm18 #researchvalues

The Face

Algorithmic Facial Image: The face turns into the site where contradictory regimes of truth coexist and feed each other in a form which keeps an appearance of immediacy while hiding layers of algorithmic complexity. Azar 2018 tm18 #researchvalues


When we accept not only the body in its relational dependency but also the self as always split and contradictory, we can find new possibilities for connection or, following Leistert, for conjunction. Scheidt 2018 #tm18 #researchvalues