data base utilization

Data Base Utilization: Interrogation, Display, Simulation. Swanson 1963,14 #query, #interface, #simulation

The age of manpower information

Manpower information is 60 to 90 old from the time a change occurs in the mission and our personnel information 45 to 60 days. Swanson 1963

Data Base

I will describe guidelines for system development, an overview of the total #process, and the effective use of a #data base. Swanson 1963,2

Standard Practices

Hopefully, many of the practices that we’re initiating in the armed forces will become standard practices in your corporatlon. Swanson 1963

Saving the world #software #complexity


Our current conception of computer #program is derived from Fortran and ALGOL in the ’50s, designed for punch cards. Victor 2012

Mark IV

Perhaps the most important early independent software package was Informatics’ Mark IV file management [1956]. Haigh 2002 #softwarehistory


no model – be it time-sharing in the 1960s or Internet-based applications today—can sweep away existing technologies overnight. Haigh 2002

custom software

… has been responsible for the production of more custom application software, not less. Haigh 2002, 11

Programming tools

Moreover, the proliferation of programming tools such as databases, object technology, and rapid application development systems …