Software Explosion

“a sort of software explosion” had occurred in 1967, caused by a shift toward more complex management information systems. @ThomasHaigh 2002

Price Tag

Mark IV File Management System in 1965. The suggested price was agreed at $30.000. Postley 1998

Packaged Software

The first programs to be licensed as standard packages were systems software such as file management and report generation. Haigh 2002

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Set Theoretic Data System (Set Theoretic Information Corp.) <– List of major #database systems in early 1960s Fry/Sibley 1976


Adabas (Software AG, DE), UNIVAC 1100 Data Management System (Sperry Univac), Xerox Extended Data Management System SIGMA 6/7/9 (Xerox)


Integrated Data Store II (Honeywell Information Systems), Information Management System (IBM), Pholas (Philips-Electrologic, NL)


MARS VI (Control Data), Integrated Database Management System (Cullinane), DECsystem 10 Database Management System (DEC)

1960s Database Companies 1

B6700/B7700 Data Management System II (Burroughs Corp), Total 7 (Cincom), CCA 204 DBMS (Computer Corporation of America)


COMMPOOL’s purpose was to permit the sharing of system data among programs by providing a centralized data description. Wexelblat 81,369