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So algorithmic objects can be understood as ecologies, a term which better encompasses this heterogenous mix of cables and wire, bodies and vehicles, capital and code. Munn 2017 #researchvalues #tm18

Feeding Algorithms

As humans feed affect, thought, and sociality into #algorithms, algorithms feeds back into what used to be called subjectivity. Steyerl 12/2014

Networks and representation

By now, more people than ever are able to upload an almost unlimited number of self-representations. And the level of political participation by way of parliamentary democracy seems to have dwindled in the meantime. Steyerl 12/2014

Facebook Content Rules

Those [Facebook content rules] rules are still policed by humans, or more precisely a global subcontracted workforce from Turkey, the Philippines, Morocco, Mexico, and India, working from home, earning around 4 USD per hour. Steyerl 12/2014

politics of technology

But technology rarely does things on its own. Technology is programmed with conflicting goals and by many entities, and politics is a matter of defining how to separate its noise from its information. Steyerl 12/2014

Truly social

Computational photography is therefore inherently political – not in content but in form. It is truly social, with countless systems and people potentially interfering with pictures before they even emerge as visible. Steyerl 12/2014 #AI

Is that still photography?

By comparing what you and your network already photographed, the algorithm guesses what you might have wanted to photograph now. It creates the present picture based on earlier pictures, on your/its memory. Steyerl 2014 #MachineLearning


The prime technique of power is now escape, slippage, elision and avoidance, the effective rejection of any territorial confinement … and the responsibility for the consequences of it all as well as of the necessity to bear their costs. Baumann … Mehr…

end of engagement

The end of Panopticon augurs the end of the era of mutual engagement: between the supervisors and the supervised, capital and labour, leaders and their followers, armies at war. Baumann 2011,11