When we accept not only the body in its relational dependency but also the self as always split and contradictory, we can find new possibilities for connection or, following Leistert, for conjunction. Scheidt 2018 #tm18 #researchvalues


Haraway (1988) connects the questions about the impact of the body in relation to knowledge and the potential of collective action. For her, positioning is a key practice. Scheidt 2018 #tm18 #researchvalues


Without the observer’s distinction, there is no recognition and no knowledge. This means that there is no knowledge in the environment itself. Knowledge is a product of distinction. Albrecht 2018 #tm18 #researchvalues

the mask

Evoking a political tradition of the mask – Anonymous, Pussy Riot, the Zapatistas and Black Bloc – Blas investigates the potential of being unbiometrifiable and uses the counter-masks to exploit biometric failures rather than trying to fix them. Michelsen 2018 #tm18

biopolitical technologies

Later, the biometrics of criminologist Lombroso and eugenicist Galton allowed for representing certain subjects as having criminal tendencies (Pugliese 51). Because of this history both Ajana and Pugliese define biometrics as biopolitical technologies. Michelsen 2018 #tm18

Biometric Mask and Colonialism

The biometric mask is made of algorithmic threads, running through and determining the figure of the mask according to logics that can be traced back to western colonialism (Ajana; Gates; Magnet; Pugliese). Michelsen 2018 #tm18


This mask reveals the real face of biometrics. Biometric glitches often occur, when subjects deferring from a normative white body ideal present themselves to the technology, rendering them unbiometrifiable. Michelsen #researchvalues #tm18

Change over Time

Another issue with creating intelligent systems for regulation [of fake news] is the assumption that the behaviour of counterfeiters is stationary (does not change over time). Mylonaki/Tigas #researchvalues #tm18

AI practitioner

As an #AI practitioner… I had incorporated the field’s taste for technical formalization so thoroughly into my own cognitive style that I literally could not read the literatures of nontechnical fields beyond a popular level. Agre 1997,145

Black AI Box

… there has been a deliberate effort to brand a bias-prone service as the only rational, legitimate, universal truth provider, taking advantage of the fact that AI is a black box to the majority. #Mylonaki/Tigas #researchvalues #tm18