#Software determines, which commands are available, to put in relation which surface with which depth. (Burkhardt 2015, 87)

the depth

In the depth of digital media technologies lies no however natural truth, but an invisible machine calculating signals (Burkhardt 2015, 81)

Mill Stone

We must get used to being less clever than the artificial brain, just as our teeth are less strong than a millstone… Leroi-Gourhan 1964:265

Punchcard Index

A punchedcard index is a memory-collecting machine, endowed with the ability of correlating every recollection with all others. LG 64:264

Cerebral Cortex

In its most rudimentary form the card index already represents a real exteriorized cerebral cortex (Leroi-Gourhan 1964, 263)

Modeling of thought

(2) into instruments of material action, on the one hand, and into sound symbols, on the other. Leroi-Gourhan 1964,187

motor function

(1) Anthropoids made the motor function of the hand and of the face the decisive factor in the process of modeling of thought

Surface & Depth pt2

multimedia #computer: surface=usage=medium | depth=calculation=machine

Surface and Depth

The surface is now the screen …, the depth in contrast the invisible machine that is able to reconfigure itself (Luhmann 1998,304)

neuroscientists 2

(2) the problem is that they would not understand it given the approaches they are currently taking. (Jonas/Kording 2017)